13 July 2015

Unicorn Craft Kit

I'm so excited to see my amazing Unicorn Craft Kit is now available for Pre-order! I'm absolutely thrilled with the way the wonderful creatives at Mudpuppy have used my pattern artwork - Look! You get goggly eyes and everything!! Can't wait to get my hands on one of these in August...
Katie x

10 July 2015

Accidental Fairy Tale!

I'm delighted to show you the latest cover art for the forthcoming Dakota Cassidy Accidental book. You can get your hands on all of her latest releases here . . . utter gold!

09 July 2015

Tiger Tiger

This friendly tiger has been prowling around my head whilst I've been busy working on other projects. I'm glad she has a friend in the moon in dark, dark forest!
Katie x

14 May 2015

Blueprint NYC

This week my Birdy & Bel designs are lucky enough to be in NYC with Cinnamon Joe Studio....how very exciting! I am just a tad jealous;)

15 April 2015

Fairy goodness!

Wow, lots been going on lately...here is a naughty little peak at some fairy goodness that I've been working on lately - so excited about this project...I shall let you know more details soon!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!
x x x

05 March 2015

Fierce and Mighty!

Are you feeling fierce and mighty? ... Sometimes you just need to channel Aphrodite! What a goddess! 
I'm very excited to show you my latest cover artwork for the amazing Accidental Series by the super talented Dakota Cassidy. Talk about a fierce goddess....that lady is in a league all on her own. It will be available from April and I can't wait. 

Katie x x x 


02 March 2015

Spring in my step!

I'm not really sure how we have arrived in March already...but hello Spring! You are my absolute favourite season and I can't wait to see what delights you have in store for us. Today the sun is shining brightly. An excellent start :)

Katie x x x

24 February 2015

Mermaid Kingdom


I'm trying to control my excitement and utter delight about the arrival of my copies of the fantastic Mermaid Kingdom series. Yippee!! I'm just so absolutely thrilled with how these books have turned out. They are so beautifully finished and the quality really lends itself to the bright interior illustrations. This series is hands down my favourite so far. Thanks to Alison and the team at Capstone for these wonderful books! ... see, I told you I was super excited! haha More info to follow...!