20 June 2016

YOURS Apil Issue

I have no excuses for the fact that it's JUNE and I haven't posted yet this year . . . except for the fact that I'm a terrible blogger and I've been busy, OK?! I have some exciting new art to show you soon . . . but first, here is an editorial piece I worked on at the start of the year for YOURS Magazine. Who are awesome!

06 January 2016

02 December 2015


December?! How did you get here so quickly?! . . . I'd LOVE to be part of the#christmasadvent this year but I'm taking a little break over Christmas - so until then I'm going to just post as many Christmassy advent style images as possible over the next few weeks to help us (ME!) get into the swing of things...!

Katie x x

06 November 2015

Go Princess Go......

It must be a race? I wonder if she is winning? Well, she does look pretty bad ass for a princess . . .

02 November 2015


Shhhh! I'm not really supposed to say, but I'm too excited about a few projects that I've been working on. Here is a little peek at one of them...eeek!!

30 October 2015

Happy Leaves

I love autumn. Despite the cold! Mostly because of the autumn leaves. They are so beautiful and happy . . . I bet they just have so much fun!

Katie x x x