24 February 2015

Mermaid Kingdom


I'm trying to control my excitement and utter delight about the arrival of my copies of the fantastic Mermaid Kingdom series. Yippee!! I'm just so absolutely thrilled with how these books have turned out. They are so beautifully finished and the quality really lends itself to the bright interior illustrations. This series is hands down my favourite so far. Thanks to Alison and the team at Capstone for these wonderful books! ... see, I told you I was super excited! haha More info to follow...!

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year! I hope the year of the sheep & goat is full of love, good health and happiness for ewe all ...! 
x x x 

19 February 2015

Get Kraken!

I'm not usually one for buying into Valentine's Day smush...! But I've had my heart melted recently and painted this for my special someone, who happens to be a sailor,  as a gift. Not very romantic I know, but it was well received - phew!! 

I hope you like it too:)

Katie x x x

01 January 2015

Happy New Deer!

Happy New Year, H'ray! Here's to all our wishes coming true in 2015...we have 365 new chances...yey!:) x x

16 December 2014

December Update!

A few exciting events from the last few weeks - apologies for the quick round-up. I feel like we all imagine that we will be having our cozy socked feet up by the fire drinking hot chocolate in December, when in reality, we actually we have our usual day to day crazy - PLUS all of the extra December & Christmas madness to fit in on top!

Firstly, I am hugely excited that my little Birdy & Bel facebook page now has 100 likes! 100!! That is definitely more than just my family members! he he. Here is a little picture I drew to celebrate...

We also had a wonderful time at the Clarendon Park Christmas Fair - selling our Oh My Studio Christmas Cards and canvases and other festive delights. Here I am looking like Christmas Cheer has really gone to my head!!

 My cute little Sweet Treats Colour-in Crown Set (with pink foiling!!) is now available to buy in the UK here 

And finally! I'm thrilled to have one of my Oh My Studio Christmas Card designs featured on the Card & Gift Network 'Not to Miss' Christmas gift guide...yippee!!